Self Portrait

My interest in photography goes back as far as I can remember. I think it has to do with always seeing my mother running around with a camera. Having dabbled with cameras off and on during my childhood, my passion for photography really began when I received a camera as a graduation present from high school.

After spending a year figuring out how a camera works, I went to work for a large photo finishing lab. Working on a daily basis to make good photographs for other people is what drives me to make excellent photographs for myself when I enter the darkroom. In 1989 I attended the Ansel Adams Workshop at Yosemite. This was an excellent experience that gave me direction and a clarity of vision in what I wanted to accomplish in photography.

Wright Morris, a fellow Nebraskan, probably had the most influence on my early work. His photographs of the common sites in Nebraska taught me that it was not necessary to search out awe inspiring beauty to make beautiful photographs. I have been fortunate to study under some of the best photographers around and without their willingness to pass along knowledge, I would not receive the great satisfaction from photography that I get today. These instructors include: John Sexton, Ray McSavaney, Al Weber, Stu Levy, Joan Myers, Patrick Jablonski, Christopher Burkett, Susie MorrillLarry Ferguson and Philip Hyde.

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